Hire staff fast without wasting hours on admin work

Stop scrolling through hundreds of irrelevant CVs. Get active, relevant candidates sent to you directly on WhatsApp.

Sounds like you?

" It's difficult to hire staff, and there's too much admin work "

Job boards have low quality candidates and agencies are too expensive

Time wasted reading through bad applications and chasing after candidates

Admin work: Posting an ad → Getting 200+ CVs you need to read through → 150 are bad → Call the 50 potential ones but only 25 pick up → 10 interviews arranged → 7 no-shows

Candidates don’t show up for interviews

By the time interviews are arranged, candidates have already accepted job offer elsewhere


Hire hospitality staff blazingly fast


Vetted candidates sent to you.

Chat directly with the ones you like, and we'll remind them to show up to interviews


We eliminate all your admin work.

No more wasting time – hundreds of CVs automatically screened and filtered based on your criteria

Vetted candidates
Sent to you directly on WhatsApp


“We have someone doing hiring already – why should we use you?”

Your hiring person is drowning in admin work – screening hundreds of terrible CVs per role, calling to schedule interviews, sending reminders, and dealing with tons of cancellations & no-shows.

If you’re doing the hiring, we remove all your admin work. If it’s someone else, they’re likely struggling; using this will help them hire good staff faster.

“How are you different than Indeed, Job Today, etc? We already get candidates from them.”

Job boards give you hundreds of terrible candidates. More bad candidates = More hours wasted reviewing them to find the good ones. By the time you’ve found them, they’ve found jobs elsewhere.

Instead, we build tech to automatically vet candidates and send the best, actively-looking ones to you daily. Our speed-to-hire is faster than humans, so you’ll find and extend offers to candidates before other places do.

“Are you an agency? We’d prefer to hire ourselves.”

We’re a tech platform, not an agency. We’re ~26x cheaper, and give you ownership of the candidates so you can hire them yourself.

How it works

Vetted candidates daily

Get a selection of actively-looking, relevant candidates on a daily basis

Chat directly with them

We constantly send vetted CVs your way. Tell us which you like and we intro them via WhatsApp groups

We chase them for you

We remind candidates to show up for interviews + Give reasoning behind no-shows

Click to see what our tech does behind the scenes
Candidate Database
  • Candidates sourced from FB/IG/TikTok + Google + Job platforms + more - we can also sync with your existing job platforms to vet your existing pipeline
  • Candidate fills in our onboarding form
  • Automated CV quality check
  • Chatbot messages quality-checked candidatesto make sure they’re actively looking
  • AI filters and sorts Candidates for role
  • Chatbot sends best active CVs to employer
  • Employer picks the ones they like
  • WhatsApp group made with everyone
  • We send reminders for interviews / trial shifts and we call the ones that don’t respond for feedback (if they ghost in-chat or in-person)
About us

About Shopscribe

Hey, we're Alex and Lorenzo; we’ve been building tech for local businesses the past year

Currently hiring for: Inception Group, Mr Fogg’s, London Gin Club, Le Bab, Shack Fuyu, Where the Pancakes Are, Michelin-recommended restaurants, & more!